{labor day at possum kingdom lake}

It was an invitation to experience a new place in Texas and one I do not regret accepting. It was an experience of beauty as unique as the different places in Texas. I was invited to hang out with friends, to get to know them better, spend time, share a boat, share a bathroom, share living quarters, and experience a whole different Texas. I am so glad that I got the chance to go and really meet some folks I had been seeing in passing.

The skies headed out gave an amazing performance. There was beautiful sunrises, art on the beach, and oh my the brisket and the varied salads, especially the one with home made croutons, was the topper to the eating experiences! We got to share and pray, wow! I cannot give you the full experience!

Here are some of the photos that captured some of the precious moments I spent this labor day with my friends. Enjoy!

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