{announcement december 2013 photowalk}

Thanks to Dave for suggesting a new location! We are headed out of town in search for a Christmas lights shoot after dark. Yaay! Our first road trip photo walk. The plan is to meet up to car pool down to Johnson City. We will stay after and grab some grub before heading back to Austin. Would love to have you come for all of it!


Parking locations: There are several options:
A. Meet at the Oak Hill Park and Ride at ACC Pinnacle campus LOT G (Note: park and ride location recently moved
B. Meet up at Pecan Street Brewing Company, 106 E Pecan Ave Johnson City, TX 78636 ph:(830) 868-2500

Hang out before photo walk: 7pm at Pecan Street Brewing, 106 E Pecan Ave Johnson City, TX 78636 ph:(830) 868-2500 [http://www.pecanstreetbrewing.com/]
Photo walk Meet location: 7:30pm at Blanco County Courthouse Johnson City, Texas on E Pecan Ave to start the walk

Where: Meet at Blanco County Courthouse, Johnson City, Texas on E Pecan Ave, walk down south Avenue G to get to the city park, and then walk further down south Avenue G to get to Perdernales Electric Co-op, Meet back up at Pecan Brewing Company for car pooling and sharing photos before we leave

When: 6 pm on Friday at ACC to carpool or 7pm at Pecan Brewing Company (see above) December 27, 2013
What: Socialize, Take photos, share photos!
Why: Community!
How: RECOMMENDED: Bring Tripod, camera with long exposure capability, off camera flash, Creativity. Socialize by coming. Stay and share a meal and pass cameras around to see photos. You can also share online in the flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/photowalksatx/. If you are not a member yet, just request membership. There is also a google community at Photowalks ATX community that you may request membership to.

To fully participate please make sure to be properly hydrated, dress warmly too, wear comfortable walking shoes, talk to someone you do not already know.

Please email to let me know you are coming so we can look for you. Also please let me know if you have ideas for morning or evening photo shoot locations or just something fun to try. When you let others know please have them send their RSVP to me.

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