{day 160 project365 2015… woodstock the spy}

Created for Utata IP 217
My elements:
cartoon figure – woodstock
something used in cooking – knives and steel holder for utensils
noir – harsh light

The details of the challenge:

Now it’s time to begin with IP 217, the elements of which are as follows:

1 – a cartoon figure
2 – something used in cooking
3 – noir

The first element is a cartoon figure. We’re open to interpretation here,
but essentially we’re talking about a figurative piece of visual art
designed to entertain. We don’t care if the cartoon figure is two
dimensional or three dimensional; it can be an actual cartoon or a
figurine of a cartoon character. If you have a Mickey Mouse doll,
that’ll work — but so would a Mickey Mouse comic book, or even a
Mickey Mouse watch.

The second element is something used in cooking. We’re thinking primarily
about equipment here — pans, utensils, that sort of thing. But hey, it’s
Iron Photographer, so we recognize that some of you will stretch the
concept of cooking as far as possible. We’re okay with that.

The artistic element is that the photograph must be shot in a noir style.
Because of reasons.

Do you have questions? Seriously? How could you have questions?
It’s all so clear. But if you DO have questions, ask them here or email
me at editor@utata.org. If you don’t have questions, then go about your
business like this never happened.

And as ever, here are some basic housekeeping points to remember:
1) Photos submitted to Iron Photographer must be NEW images.
2) Limit yourself to tagging no more than six photos for this project.
3) Post only one (1) small-size image in this thread.
3a) Okay, you can post a second image IF it’s materially different from the first.

Iron Photographer 217 will be published in approximately 2.5 weeks from
today, which would make it on or around the tenth day of June, 2015, the
birthday of Ninian Comper, who is considered to be the last of the great
Gothic Revival architects. He is particularly well known for his altar
screens. “That Comper boy,” folks used to say, “he really knows his way
around an altar screen.”

Please tag the photos in the following way: utata:project=ip217.
That’s it. This will be the IP gig forever known for its cartoony noir
cookery. You surely want a piece of that, don’t you?

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