{day 29 project365 2015… dwarfed by glory}

Okay y’all I have been listening to James MacDonald’s podcast and
the Lord has given him words to just change my heart and mind, it
is a slow process but wow wow “God is AWESOME!”, here are some of
the words God has spoken through him to me:

The next time you’re at a beach somewhere and you hear the waves
rolling and crashing on the shore, let me translate their repeated
message: “There’s a God! There’s a God!” It’s His supernatural
signature. It’s the beauty that flows through the pen of the
Designer as He writes His purpose on this universe.

Or stand at night, as I often do, and look out into the outer space
and consider the vast expanse that no one can understand. Admit with
me, “I do not understand it.” What is the vast reach of outer space
shouting to us? Right! “There’s a God!” Every place you look and
listen throughout creation the message reverberates: “There’s a God!
There’s a God! There’s a God!” And when any human being on the face
of the earth has that transcendent moment when they see glory, when
they witness the fingerprints of God, they begin to understand that
the glory of God is the purpose of the universe. Psalm 19:1 bears
out, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above
proclaims his handiwork.” The glory of God is the purpose of the
universe. Before God said the first “LET THERE BE…,” He had a
reason, a plan—to display His glory.
~~ Excerpt from God’s glory declared by James MacDonald

There is a God y’all! He gave His Son for us salvation in Christ
is real, I am proof of it! This view is proof of God’s existence.
Wow, wow!

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