{caleb 5k event}

What do a 5k and water balloon fight have in common? In this case they would have the Caleb 5k in common.

On Saturday July 12, 2014 in the early morning, I got a chance to have a blast with my friends. I got to see my dear friend run/walk a 5k and be part of the crew whooping for the folks that made it to the end and of course I took photos.

It was an amazing event!

First of all the Caleb 5k was inspired by Caleb Koke, who was an accomplished athlete with audacious dreams and a genuine love for children. The aim is to celebrate life, connect with our community and run for a cause greater than ourselves. It supports five non-profits who deliver direct care solutions. You can find out more information at the Caleb 5K website.

Second of all there was exercise and a water balloon fight with cute puppies involved!

The photos tell the story so enjoy what I got a chance to celebrate at the Caleb 5k.

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